Foster's Community Funds is a fundraising program that allows approved, non-profit organizations to raise money simply by getting a delivery of fuel. Each organization is assigned a special group code that is put on the R.H. Foster Energy account of each group member, upon their request. Anyone can participate in the program as long as they are credit approved for an account. Current RHF customers can simply call the office to request that the group code be attached to their account. New RHF customers would need to set up an account before the group code can be added. 


How can you raise money with FCF? 

Organizations earn money each time a member receives a delivery of fuel. Funding is calculated based on the total number of gallons delivered to the enrolled participant. 

  • Heating Oil – Receive .02 cents for every gallon delivered

  • Propane – Receive .05 cents for every gallon delivered

Enrolled participants have 6 months to earn up to $10,000 before we give them a check for their earnings. The best part of this program is that groups can remain in the program as long as they choose! If you have a group that would like to participate in Foster’s Community Funds, please contact your local R. H. Foster Energy office to speak with a FCF representative. An online application will be coming soon!


Due to the varying number of requests to participate in the FCF fundraising program, R.H. Foster Energy, LLC maintains discretion on eligibility, reserves the right or eliminate any group from the program, and change or cancel the program at any time.