What is a Blower Door Test and How Does it Help?

A Blower Door Test Can Save You Money!


You’ve probably heard of blower door tests. Your energy provider might have even suggested one! But what exactly is this “test”, and how can it help your home? A blower door test is something that your energy provider will do for you, and it tells you how many leaks there are in your home. The more air leaks, the less heat that is staying in your home. Read on to find out more about blower door tests, and how they can help you!

A blower door test is done to test how air tight your home is. The more air you have leaking out of your home, the more money you are spending to replace that air. In the winter months, heat is something you do not want to spend more on. You can even find where those cold drafts are coming from in your home. By knowing the location of these leaks, you can quickly fill the gaps and make your home more energy efficient.

How does this work? A blower door is a very large fan which mounts onto an exterior door. Usually the door that you consider the front door. This fan will then blow out of the house, pulling the air from inside and lowering the pressure in your home. The higher pressure air from outside will then stream into the home. A little bit of this is normal, there’s no such thing as an air tight house. However, large cracks will allow large amounts of air to come through. Your energy provider feel these, and mark where they are in the house.

If you’re convinced you need one of these (and a lot of us do, especially those of us with old houses), there are a few things you should remember to prepare for.

  1. If you heat by wood, there can’t be any fires left in the home. No coals, no heat, it must be a completely banked fire.

  2. Go with your auditor through your home, two heads are better than one when looking for leaks.

  3. The auditor will go through every part of your home, this includes closets, bathrooms, and cabinets!

  4. The test will take up to an hour, sometimes more!

Blower door tests are a great way to see how energy efficient your home is, and it’s a fantastic start to saving money!


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